Fringe Science

As a branch of study that is outside the mainstream science, fringe science consists of strange and highly speculative concepts, out-of-this-world theories or alleged discoveries. They are composed of theories and ideas that are strongly refuted by experts although proponents still adheres to the scientific method in search of results (as opposed to pseudoscience). And even if the proponents (popularly referred to as the "mad scientists") of such ideas works according to the scientific method, the results are not readily accepted by the mainstream experts, if at all.

A minority, mostly from the public, are the usual supporters of fringe science. And the public finds it difficult to differentiate legitimate science from fringe science or pseudoscience, perhaps owing to the fact that the public is already predisposed from wanting to believe such bizarre ideas.

Although there are instances where prominent and mainstream scientists can conduct studies supporting their fantastic ideas within their field of expertise, fringe science proponents are mostly people with no formal scientific background.

Though very few, there are actual cases of fringe science theories becoming a part of mainstream science when evidence is tested and proven, an acceptance process that is very gradual.


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